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Hull Male Voice Choir is recruiting members now.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more experienced you will receive a warm welcome (and a cup of tea!). We believe anyone can make a contribution when they are in a group and you will soon get the hang of it.

In 2018 we sang, in conjunction with many other choirs, in front of 5000 people at the Albert Hall, raising £1000’s in aid of Cancer Research UK.

As well as raising money for others singing benefits you as well. It. improves your physical and mental health so why not give it a go?

The choir sings a wide variety of music from different genres and times to suit all tastes. If you are interested fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Get in touch

We meet at 7.30pm every Wednesday at the Octagon Centre, Walker St. HU32RA.

    Alternatively you could ring our Recruitment Officer Phil Howard on 01964 630887 for further details.

    Our members

    Bill Leigh

    I joined the choir in 2010, I always enjoyed music & singing but had not sung seriously since my school days. I googled local choirs & the rest is history.

    I don’t consider myself a fantastic singer but singing in a choir enables you to explore your capabilities in a ‘safe’ environment, safety in numbers I think you would call it. Other choir members were very supportive particularly in the early days which was a great help.

    I was fortunate to join the choir just before their centenary celebrations and the ‘100 years not out’ concert at the City Hall with Beverley & Driffield choirs, accompanied by the Brighouse & Rastrict Brass Band was a fantastic occasion that I will treasure for ever.

    Another highlight was the Festival of Brass & Voices at the Albert Hall in 2015, to have sung there was a something I thought I would never achieve.

    I also enjoy singing in our local venues and we have had some wonderful concerts. We rehearse once a week & rehearsals are a chance to socialise with like minded people, learn new songs & improve your singing.

    Singing is definitely ‘good for you’ and I would recommend it!

    Tony Burton

    I first heard the Hull Male Voice Choir perform at a friend’s daughter’s wedding in 1992. I had sung in my Church Choir for several years and was impressed enough to ask Barry ( my friend) for details about the Choir.

    So it was on 8th January 1992 Barry called for me in his car and took me to my first rehearsal.
    It seemed to go well and I was told by the Musical Director, that I could remain with Barry in the Bass 2 section but really I was between Baritone and Bass. In fact so too was Barry as it happened.

    Later I became a choir marshall. I enjoyed the role of seeing new venues and working out how to get the Choir in. Sometimes it was easy and other places demanded more thought. One of the worst to sort out is the City Hall and in particular the getting on to the stage as there are 4 entrances and very big steps.

    I became a Committee member and in 1999 took the Chair at meetings. So it was during our visit to Holland, the town of Gennep, I had to speak at the concert given at the anniversary of the liberation of the town by the 51st Highland Division in October 1944.

    The Choir took part in the Yorkshire Cancer Research concert at the Royal Albert Hall every three years. My first time at the RAH was in 1994 but I was with “Big Peter” Brady where he was so overcome by emotion he could not sing at all. I have been many times since. In 2009 both Brenda, my wife, who is a member of North Ferriby Ladies Choir and I sang on stage. I have such wonderful memories.

    I have really enjoyed the friendship, laughter and singing with the Choir, but sad also at the “lost”
    lads who have passed to God’s Choir.