Long shot hits the back of the net !

We received a message last year from Mike Newton, the Grandson of one of our former members, Ken Newton who sadly passed away some years ago.
Mike wrote: ‘ This is a long shot, my Grandfather was a member of the HMVC for many years I wonder if there any recordings available from his era as this would be an amazing thing to give to my Dad.
I took up the challenge and early investigations with some of our older members remembered that Ken had a 3 wheeler but did not recall any recordings that had been made. Not wanting to give up easily, I contacted our long time Assistant Musical Director, Terry Wallis, now retired from the choir but still a staunch supporter. Terry remembered Ken and promised to search his archive collection in the loft to see if he could find the ‘lost music’. Terry, as always, was as good as his word and amazingly not only found a CD that was recorded in 2002 but also evidence that Ken was with the choir from the 1990’s until the the early 2000’s so was confident that Ken would have been singing on that CD I duly updated Mike on this wonderful news to which he was delighted.
Mike said: ‘wow, that is amazing. I am overwhelmed by the effort you have undertaken for me. It will be an amazing thing to pass on to my father, a piece of nostalgia for him as not much remains bar photos and memories.
Terry copied the CD and I forwarded it to Mike in January
Mike said: ‘My father was overwhelmed when I made a surprise presentation to him of the CD’
A long shot that hit the back of the net!
Our thanks to Terry who made this possible 🙂
We are delighted that Mike provided us with this lovely photo of his Grandfather Ken, happy memories x